Building High Achieving Organisations26th Apr 2013


In a newly published book (April 2013), ‘Enterprise Rules’, Don Young, a co-founder of Value Partnership, talks about the degree to which so many businesses have lost touch with the fundamental values and practices that long-term high achievement depends upon.  He argues that for business to have social and economic value, individual enterprises must have valuable meaning to their stakeholders.

Andrew Hill mentions Don’s book in his Financial Times article, ‘The Best Strategy Must Build on the Past‘ (11 Feb 2013): “Learning from history requires the ability to synthesise and form patterns from different kinds of data,” veteran executive Don Young writes in his new book Enterprise Rules, about how companies can rediscover fundamental values. “People weak in this ability – and therefore unable to learn from history – will never be good strategists and are unlikely to make good leaders in a complex world.”

This workshop, held at private members’ club, One Alfred Place in central London, was chaired by Don, and was an opportunity for senior leaders to come together to explore these issues and their implications for their businesses.

A follow on breakfast meeting was later run in the Summer of 2013.

Agenda & Speakers

Our guest speaker was a former Chairman of Value Partnership, Don Young, also co-founder of YSC, the leading international business psychology practice. Don spent his career in industry, starting with Unilever. He was a director of Redland plc from 1994 to 1998 and Thorn EMI from 1982 to 1990. He is actively involved in social enterprise through organisations such as the School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE).


0930–1000 Arrival & Welcome

1000- 1100 Value Partnership research & experience of building high performance organisations
followed by a presentation from Don Young: The values that underpin high achievement (and Q&A)

1120-1205 Table group discussions facilitated by Value Partnership consultants

1205-1235 Don Young: Leading a complex enterprise in a changing world (and Q&A)

1235-1330 Table group discussions facilitated by Value Partnership consultants. Actions and conclusions

1330-1430 Hot buffet lunch & Close


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“The event provided a thought provoking introduction, a practical business example, case study in table groups and some networking including the excellent lunch.“

“The opportunity to discuss real issues with other professionals.“

“What I learnt from the participants is better than any leadership course that I have attended.“

“Hearing about the challenges faced by other companies helped me realise that my company is not alone in this area.”

“This event allowed me to think about the bigger picture and see the world not just through my own business’s perspective.”