“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence. It’s to act with yesterday’s logic.” Peter Drucker

5 Essential Leadership Responses to the Crisis

How has your leadership been tested over the past year or so?

We have a pretty clear view about what leaders need to focus on now after working virtually with a number of CEO’s and leaders across multiple industries and countries. What can you do to have more impact and to get the very best out of your team? And what is your strategy for the emerging economy? Is it fit for purpose in our every changing world.

As a leaders are you:

1. Leading with conviction – Watch Simon Court talking about this.
2. Focusing & energising your team to impact performance
3. Driving bold thinking & action on strategy

Value Partnership has designed new approaches to tackling these 3 challenges. Using tried and tested people and tools to tackle the new challenges we all face.

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So what is conviction-led change?

Business leaders are increasingly under pressure. You’re expected to make the right choices and decisions at the right time – all the time – in a fast-moving, unpredictable world. Without putting a foot wrong. And often, there’s no obvious way forward.

We believe conviction is the bedrock of great leadership more than ever. We develop leaders, teams and organisations, helping them to successfully navigate their business journey.

We use conviction-led change to drive transformation, growth and success.

Our approach is based on listening to you, validating your ideas, respecting you and your experience. We’ll get to know you well, collaborate, challenge and grow with you. We’re clear-sighted, so we get to the heart of your challenges quickly. We’re generous with our time and our effort and we act as true partners to build strong, lasting relationships with our clients.

Don't just take our word for it

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