Simon’s unique experience is captured in a new book called FOUNDER’S LEGACY: Fifty Game-Changing Leadership Lessons for Building a Great Business.  Find out all about the book here.

Value Partnership Ventures works in close partnership with Value Partnership. The ventures practice focuses specifically on the leadership needs of growing companies. Simon Court leads this practice, and this is the exclusive focus of his work as coach to CEOs and their leadership teams.

We recognise the unique challenges and opportunities facing entrepreneurial ventures in the relatively early stages of growth – distinct from the challenges facing more established corporations. And we understand the challenges facing founders to become effective leaders and to build a great team around them.

The coaching we do is designed to enable those founders and leaders to transform the prospects of their business. A combination of expertise in leadership development and a deep understanding of the startup and scaleup ecosystem creates powerful leverage to unlock the growth potential of a business. Coaching helps founder leaders to address the big questions that they face and to do that in a way that is consistent with their strengths, values, and purpose.

Our track record is exceptional. From supporting start-ups, to building unicorns and rescuing failing businesses, Simon and the team have worked alongside CEOs facing most challenges. We helped to build two unicorns in the last 15 years, transforming Miniclip into a spectacular success story and contributing to creating one of Germany’s first tech unicorns, Tipico.

For more about the early stages of business growth see our business journey framework and for more about coaching and team coaching go to