Out on Amazon 19th March 2024

Become the leader your business needs.

Founders and Leaders please join us for an evening with the author, Simon Court.

1800 on Wednesday 17th April 2024

Limited availability so please reach out to jane.court@value-partnership.com if you wish to come.


50 Game-Changing Leadership Lessons for Building a Great Business

Simon Court (An Inc. Original out 19th March 2024)

“Successful founders, like successful sports coaches, deliver results through people. This book shows you how to do that, brilliantly. It is a must-read for every founder.”

Sir Clive Woodward, 2003 Rugby World Cup winning head coach

“At last—a leadership book for founders and entrepreneurs instead of corporate managers. The clear structure and layout make this a perfect handbook to keep by your side as well as an easily digestible read from cover to cover. Highly recommended as a practical, no-nonsense guide rooted in hands-on experience usefully combined with the relevant literature.”

Marcus Alexander, adjunct professor of strategy & entrepreneurship, London Business School

“I wish I had read this book ten years ago! Simon makes leadership both tangible and relatable for a founder/CEO. His questions help you to reflect and to put it into practice.”

Maria Raga, former CEO, Depop; angel investor

“Founder’s Legacy is an invaluable guide to not just building a great business but also staying sane while doing it. This book captures so much of the hard-fought wisdom that most founders discover only late in their journey, focusing on the challenge of being a founder leader. I highly recommend it no matter if this is your first or tenth founding journey.”

Didier Elzinga, founder & CEO, Culture Amp