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• Figure 16.1 The Leadership Compass
• Figure 16.2 The Business Journey Framework



50 Game-Changing Leadership Lessons for Building a Great Business

Simon Court

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SIR CLIVE WOODWARD, 2003 Rugby World Cup winning head coach “Successful founders, like successful sports coaches, deliver results through people. This book shows you how to do that, brilliantly. It is a must-read for every founder.”

Become the leader your business needs.

Nine out of ten startups ultimately fail. Perhaps they run out of cash, lack product-market fit, or have an ineffectual marketing strategy. But these things don’t just happen. They result from founder leaders not having the right people around them and not making the best decisions. In other words, many growing companies fail due to poor leadership—and these failures are preventable.

Great leadership capitalizes on the business’s potential. In Founder’s Legacy, you will learn how to address the breadth of challenges that founders and leaders face in a way that is consistent with your strengths, values, and purpose so you can successfully grow your business.

Collecting his twenty-five years of experience in helping founders across the globe strengthen their leadership and his insights gained from founding his own consulting company, Simon Court has created fifty succinct lessons that anyone who wants to be a successful leader can benefit from. Full of relevant research, time-tested strategies, stories from Simon’s extraordinary range of professional experience, and thought-provoking reflection questions, Founder’s Legacy will coach you in unlocking your unique leadership potential. Whether your business is a unicorn in the making or a small startup striving to grow, this book will guide you to your desired success.

“This book captures so much of the hard-fought wisdom that most founders discover only late in their journey, focusing on the challenge of being a founder leader.”
—Didier Elzinga, founder & CEO, Culture Amp

“Simon and I used the ideas in this book to transform Tipico from a startup into a unicorn. If you want to grow as a leader, do yourself a favor and read this book.”
—Jan Bolz, former CEO, Tipico; managing partner, IOI Capital

“At last—a leadership book for founders and entrepreneurs instead of corporate managers. Highly recommended as a practical, no-nonsense guide rooted in hands-on experience usefully combined with the relevant literature.”
—Marcus Alexander, adjunct professor of strategy & entrepreneurship, London Business School

“I wish I had read this book ten years ago! Simon makes leadership both tangible and relatable for a founder CEO.”
—Maria Raga, former CEO, Depop; angel investor