Leadership Masterclass (1 of 4)

(10th March 2021)

Lessons in Leadership Part 1: Understanding Yourself

The current crisis continues to test all of us in multiple ways – and whether you’re a seasoned CEO or working your way up the ladder, COVID-19 has been a particularly big test of leadership. As a veteran business coach – and our resident leadership expert – Simon Court has spent the last year helping CEOs across multiple sectors navigate their teams through the ‘new normal’. Now he’s here to share his biggest leadership lessons with you, in the first of four sessions exploring leadership as a multi-dimensional challenge, from purpose and culture to teams and businesses. Tune in, and you’ll learn how to:

• Understand yourself – and your best impact as a leader
• Overcome your self-limiting beliefs
• Find your convictions (and your courage)
• Align your diary with your vision
• Maximise the diversity measure of your network
• Make time for recovery and learning

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