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A leading international wholesale and retail company, who provides logistics and services to pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, had a business goal to implement an ERP Programme across 14 countries. Two previous attempts to transform and align global business processes had failed. The business had been run as de-centralised independent units for several years so resistance was high and confidence that success was possible was low.

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Value Partnership was engaged to enable the team to develop the skills, capabilities and mindset required for success. Having conducted interviews with leaders and team members across the business to provide a deep understanding of business issues and context, Value Partnership reflected back their findings to the client. It was clear that the context was challenging and strengthening interpersonal skills and team work were essential for success. Value Partnership and the client agreed that a successful implementation of the ERP programme depended upon team members:

  1. Having a shared purpose, vision and commitment
  2. Building trusting relationships across functions and countries
  3. Building their interpersonal and change leadership skills
  4. Feeling confident and resilient in leading business changes
  5. Developing clear action plans to progress the ERP Programme and focus on the critical levers for success

Value Partnership designed and facilitated a series of 3 off-site workshops, for 16-18 participants drawn from different countries to maximise the opportunity to learn and build a cross cultural community. Two consultants facilitated each workshop providing a high level of coaching, interaction and participation.  Participants used the tools and frameworks applying them to their current challenges.

Over the course of the workshops participants completed a baseline tool which assessed their current experiences of the overall ERP change programme. Teams explored the findings together to identify solutions and explore how further progress could be made. Feedback was provided to key sponsors and leaders to provide insights about how the teams were progressing and the critical things for them to pay attention to. The data enabled leaders to see what the teams needed such as clarity of expectations, consistent communication, more visibility for leaders, additional resources etc.

The first set of workshops generated positive energy, confidence and focus about how to efficiently and effectively implement the ERP programme. This resulted Wave 2, to enable a further 18 team members to benefit from the development programme to accelerate business results.

What was the impact of this development programme? Participants delivering key businesses changes were equipped with the skills, capabilities and mindset to enable success. The embedding of an ERP system across all countries will take many years to implement and many challenges will be encountered throughout that transformation and it is too early to assess longer term business impact.

Participant’s feedback

“I feel more confident and equipped to fulfil my role. In the workshops we shared challenges and applied tools to enable progress on this important business project. We developed a great team spirit, the workshops were exciting, lively and engaging and we came away with clarity about what we needed to do next and how to do it and we felt more resourceful to overcome hurdles.”

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