Our clients say it best...

"Many thanks again for your great and continued support. You helped the team and me tremendously! I was really proud to see what the Executive team has achieved and I am happy to admit that we never would have achieved this without your support and constant hard work on the group!"

Jan Bolz, CEO Tipico 2011-2016

The challenge

We’ve worked with Tipico since 2011. The owners/founders recruited an experienced CEO in 2011. At that point the company had no governance, little management and a negative culture. There was resistance to change and little sense of direction.

The work

  • Helped to build an executive team, united around a clear strategy
  • Governance was established across the shareholders and executive team
  • Developed leadership and a culture to support the growth & scaling of the business
  • Facilitated the creation of a powerful shared purpose & values
  • Regular coaching for key leaders
  • Annual culture measurement and action
  • Regular engagement events for all staff

The results

As a result…

  • Overall revenue went from 650 million euros in 2010 to over 3 billion euros of very profitable revenue by 2016
  • A large stake was sold to CVC Capital in 2016 which led to a change in leadership
  • Huge growth in online and mobile relative to retail shops
  • This growth required major investments in organisation, people and technology