Our clients say it best...

"I choose to work with Value Partnership for two reasons. One is their flexibility - we worked together to design the approach and secondly they don't use standardised programmes, they use building blocks and help you to leverage them. They ensure there is a strong personal fit. Value Partnership always listen to briefs, focus on objectives and have the experience to drive change. They helped us to make a creative leap that pushed our people to reinvent themselves."

Luc Gaudemard, Executive VP Americas Continental Division, Groupe SEB

The challenge

With operations in almost 150 countries, Groupe SEB is the world leader in cookware, small domestic appliances, and professional coffee machines. Notable brand names include All-Clad, Krups, Lagostina, Moulinex, Rowenta, Tefal and WMF Group. With 30,000 employees worldwide, Groupe SEB sell 6 products every second around the world.

In response to the changing competitive landscape, the company reorganised in 2015 to allow local managers to respond to local markets and customers with more agility. This change represented a cultural and organisational transformation that required increased leadership capability in local management teams. Having codified the leadership competencies across the world Groupe SEB created a Management Competency Model (MCM), anchored in the values and providing common standards around leadership.

As part of these early changes, they recognised the need to invest in leadership skills and they asked us to create accelerated development for high performing managers who demonstrated the potential for further growth.

Our approach

After discovery meetings to unpack what would make a real difference, the Developing Your Leadership Impact (DYLI) programme was created.

Now in its 4th year, this innovative program takes participants on a 6-month learning journey.

Starting with a Coaching and Mentoring workshop for the managers and HR leaders of the participants, creating the essential fertile ground for the participants to continue to learn once they return back to the workplace.

The participants then attend two 4-day workshops 4 months apart.  Workshop 1 focuses on Teamwork and Leadership and workshop 2 is around Interpreting, Shaping & Leading Strategy.  The participants work with their managers and HR leaders throughout the program to embed the learning and are supported by Value Partnership through coaching.

The results

As a result:

  • The DYLI programme has succeeding in helping nearly 250 people help shift the organisation towards a coaching culture and the impact now seen on this from the senior management level
  • Measurable culture change, enabling a more agile local market focus
  • The learning embedded in every day practice
  • High potential managers thinking and behaving as business leaders, building their inner conviction and preparing them for more complex senior roles and so strengthening the succession pipeline
  • In a business formed of acquisition, the programme has helped build informal trans-national and cross-functional networks to accelerate business change
  • Team collaboration has improved, and leaders are more adept at managing change, speeding up decision-making and thinking strategically

The on-going impact and success of DYLI has led to us creating a new programme aimed at middle managers based on the Managerial Competency Model (MCM) in order to drive the managerial transformation of Groupe SEB.

Designed and launched in 2018, Management and Leadership in Action (MLA) takes participants on a 5-month journey that engages, activates and accelerates learning through a blended learning approach (360, workshop, 4 e-learning modules, webinar).

To build internal capability, we are training internal managers and HR leaders to co-facilitate this exciting new programme with an experienced Value Partnership consultant and it is now being rolled out across the middle management population in their native languages – English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

Our clients say it best...

"I keep thinking this is an outstanding programme with long term effects. I think about it nearly on a daily basis."

Groupe SEB, DYLI participant, Thomas Leveque