Simon Court
Co-Founder & Chairman

“Leadership has never been more challenging. I’m here to help you build conviction into your purpose, strategy and culture.”

Simon’s unique experience is now captured in a soon to be released book called FOUNDER’S LEGACY: Fifty Game-Changing Leadership Lessons for Building a Great Business 

Simon has worked as a leadership coach and guide to business founders, leaders, and leadership teams for more than twenty-five years. He has a huge breadth and depth of experience across sectors, cultures, and businesses at different stages of maturity, from startup to reinvention. The sectors include entertainment, gaming, biotechnology, technology, travel, insurance, and venture capital. The cultures span the globe. The businesses are private, backed by venture capital or private equity, or are publicly owned.

He supports CEOs and their teams—first to understand their challenges, then to help the team to address them effectively. Through coaching, Simon has helped numerous leaders to grow, find their conviction, and strengthen their leadership practice. His work as a guide includes building leadership teams, developing new growth strategies, and creating organizations that can deliver with pace and agility. While much of Simon’s work is done behind closed doors, his clients will vouch for his influence and impact. He is a two-time unicorn builder. He helped transform Miniclip, into a spectacular success story over the last ten years. He also contributed to creating one of Germany’s first tech unicorns Tipico.

Simon founded the Value Partnership business with his wife, Jane. That experience as a founder informs this book and makes his empathy for founders and leaders genuine. His qualifications include an MBA from Warwick Business School
and an MSc from Imperial College. Simon is a husband, father, runner, and skier.

“I’m interested in what keeps Founders and CEOs awake at night. I get great satisfaction from working closely with CEOs and their teams to understand and tackle their challenges. Getting under the skin of the business is key, while building open and honest relationships. I’m a good listener and, although every individual and business situation is unique, my experience means I’ve probably helped someone with similar challenges. If you’d like to discuss the challenges you and your business are facing, please get in touch”.