Simon Court
Founder & CEO

“Leadership has never been more challenging. I’m here to help you build conviction into your purpose, strategy and culture.”

CEO and Founder Simon Court works as an adviser and guide with individual senior leaders, boards and executive teams. His expertise includes working on new growth strategies, changing business models, developing organisational agility and building new leadership capabilities. He supports Chief Executives and their teams, first to understand their challenges, then to help the team to address them effectively. Simon has worked across many sectors, including entertainment, publishing, consumer products, technology, gaming, financial services and venture capital. He has worked with private, private equity backed and publicly owned companies including, most recently, Miniclip, Tipico and Electronic Arts.

With over 20 years as a consultant, Simon has global experience. This includes two years in Milan, as well as working in many European countries, the Middle East, South East Asia and North America. His background is primarily in the telecommunications, security and building materials sectors. He was previously HR Director for Ericsson UK. His qualifications include an MBA from Warwick Business School and an MSc from Imperial College. Simon is a keen runner and skier.

“I’m interested in what keeps CEOs awake at night. I get huge satisfaction from working closely with CEOs and their teams. Getting under the skin of the business is key, while building open and honest relationships at the same time. I’m a good listener and, although every individual and business situation is unique, my experience means I’ve probably helped someone with similar challenges. My three main strengths are individual coaching, facilitating strategy development with a leadership team and taking on complex organisational issues. If you’d like to discuss the challenges you and your business are facing, please get in touch. Meanwhile, read my latest blog, on the value of great team coaching”.