Virtual coffee, anyone? Written by Katrin Homer

1st March 2018

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That is the subject line of an email or WhatsApp message I have sent a few times recently (and intend to send more often in the future!) to my remote colleagues.

As Erica Dhawan and Tomas Chamorro Premuzic, the writers of this new HBR article, point out, more and more people work in remote, virtual teams.

Anybody who’s worked remotely will know that this comes with obvious upsides (flexibility, time efficiency, cost effectiveness) as well as downsides. The downsides can include bigger risks of loneliness, less rapport between co-workers and lack of collaboration.

Think about it, if your team members were in an office, they would chat first thing in the morning, over lunch, at the water cooler, etc. That’s not a waste of time. The rules are no different for virtual teams!

And virtual coffee (or virtual vino, the variant one of my colleagues prefers with some of her contacts overseas) is one of the team-building rituals that helps inject more awareness, trust and fun into these remote work relationships.

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