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17th July 2017

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As we approach the Summer break, there’s no better time to stock up on some new books. Here are just some of the recommendations enjoyed by our team…

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  • Simon Court recommends ‘Exponential Organizations’ by Salim Ismael: It describes the new breed of company that has the capability to grow and scale rapidly. Essential reading for leaders of big and small organisations alike.
  • Lukas Neckermann has chosen a book which also features on Bill Gates 2017 summer reading list: ‘Born a Crime’, by Trevor Noah, his memoirs of growing up in South Africa. I was surprised to read that Trevor Noah’s book was on Bill Gates’s list, but – as a fan of Noah’s – I will be picking that up.
  • Jane Mellor is reading ‘Quiet Power’ by Susan Cain. People with the quietest voice have achieved incredible things in the world, because of their quiet nature, not in spite of it. If you feel that you are naturally thoughtful and creative, then accept and treasure yourself – just as you are.
  • Clare Wilson recommends ‘The Entrepreneurial Revolution‘ by Daniel Priestly: An interesting and practical exploration of how fast–moving start–ups and ambitious small global businesses can succeed in today’s world.
  • Jane Court has enjoyed ‘Business for Punks: Break All the Rules – the BrewDog Way’ by James Watt: “I love their beer. And that failure was never an option. They’ve clearly hit upon a good business model (for them) by throwing the rule book out the window. An easy but interesting read with some simple messages for start-ups and reminders for less agile businesses.
  • Marisa Knowles is reading ‘Think Simple’ by Ken Segall. Written by Steve Jobs’ former creative director at Apple, the book shows how any company can leverage the power of simplicity, based on exclusive insights from business leaders around the world.

    We wish you a relaxing and refreshing Summer break!

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