Peter Wilson

“When a leader unlocks the uniqueness of who they are and brings it to their work, that’s when the magic happens. It gives permission for their team to do the same – and they thrive.”

Peter brings a wealth of experience to the table. As a former UK advisor to the United Nations, he worked all over the world supporting, leading, and speaking at trade facilitation events, with the goal of simplifying trade. No matter the country or the project, he noticed that the best teams drew on the talent of everyone in the room. Fifteen years in this arena gave Peter a passion for helping leaders to find their voice and give of their best, a foundation which he has brought into his subsequent work as executive coach and change facilitator.Trained at the Academy of Executive Coaching, Peter was later invited to join the faculty and co-lead the Diploma Programme, which he also co-designed to international accreditation. Teaching coaching skills to hundreds of executives gave Peter the perfect opportunity to learn what works well in helping people to be at their best, and what gets in the way.

It was as Business Improvement Director at GS1 UK – a 30,000 strong membership body bringing together major household suppliers, like Nestle and Mondelez with retailers such as Sainsbury’s and Tesco – that Peter first came across Value Partnership. Working closely together in facilitating a three-year strategy, he realised that he had found like-minded consultants who were interested in the person behind the professional. Value Partnership saw that, while all businesses need to get clear on what they do and how to achieve it, those who excel ensure that their teams know how to get the best from each other.

In describing Peter’s way of working, a recent client put it best. “Don’t be fooled by Peter’s unassuming style,” he said. “It is a front for laser focus and strength.”
Peter holds a Master’s Degree in International Policy from Bristol University.

“It is so easy to lose our way in a role, or for it to take over our life for a while. Even in a role that we love. I learned that to my cost when I burned out after my first career representing the UK into the United Nations. I lost my sense of grounding, my sense of self, in among the busyness of work. But burnout gave me the chance to start over, to discover how wellbeing and productivity go hand in hand. Ever since then I have been fascinated by a question: what does it mean to thrive? Whatever role I am in, be it coach, change facilitator, or consultant, this question lies at the core of what I offer to the client.”