Katrin Homer

“Conviction breeds conviction: the future success of your business lies within you.”

Katrin is a highly qualified and experienced coach, consultant and facilitator and is passionate about helping individuals and teams push the boundaries of what is possible, while supporting them to be at their best. Katrin is bi-lingual in both English and German and has worked on recent projects with a range of international clients such as Tipico, netinsurer, Electronic Arts, Turner and Groupe SEB.

Before joining Value Partnership, Katrin worked for Thomson Reuters in their Financial & Risk division. She held a number of senior positions in training, relationship management and coaching & development. Working both with internal and external stakeholders in financial services, she was involved in improving both employee engagement and business performance.

Katrin is certified with the Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC) as an Executive Coach and International Systemic Team Coach and as a facilitator, she is known for her enthusiasm and infectious attitude. She has worked in global teams across Europe, Asia and the Americas in face-to-face and virtual environments.

“Helping businesses find their conviction and building teams is at the heart of what I do. I love working with different people from all backgrounds and it’s always a pleasure to see someone’s approach change as their conviction and self-belief grow. I genuinely believe that people are at the heart of successful business change and growth. Supporting them drive sustained, long-term change and growth is what I feel passionate about. Having a 360 view of an individual, team or organisation is a big part of this and getting to know the personalities and helping them focus their individual strengths to the advantage of the whole business is deeply satisfying.”