Karen Giles

“When you give people the trust, space, leadership and tools, change happens.”

Karen has extensive experience in designing and delivering change strategies and programmes in large, complex businesses. With deep expertise in business transformation, organisation design, development and employee engagement, she joins the dots between longer-term vision and the full breadth of organisational change required (in processes, technology and leadership) to bring customers new and better experiences that drive growth.

With over twenty years in leadership, OD, business strategy and transformation, she has successfully navigated organisations through a variety of transformational contexts including M&A, integration, business reinvention and across business functions. She has extensive experience in the Global Financial Services and Communications sectors (including EMEA, US, Asia) at the leading edge of IT-enabled customer experience transformation.

Recognised for bridging the gap between strategy and operational reality, Karen leads with business insight and trusted relationships at all levels (Plc Board, Exec Teams to the front-line), to bring clarity to complexity and belief (conviction) in the way forward.

Karen is passionate about the transformational power of collaboration, bringing together partnerships, diverse thinking and creativity to unleash innovation and change leadership.

I’m interested in creating purposeful, sustainable businesses that positively fuel our society. I take huge satisfaction from seeing strategies come off the slide-ware into the language, actions and growth of those key to their success. At the heart of my approach, I believe: 

  • Every business and set of challenges requires a different solution and shared learning
  • When you give people the trust, space, leadership and tools, change happens
  • Customers experience great things when business and culture change happens together
  • If your business is at an inflection point and you’d like to discuss future direction, building business-wide change plans that deliver results or driving change from within, please get in touch.”