Dan Bobby

“With so much uncertainty and change, leaders and organisations need a clear sense of direction and purpose to succeed now more than ever. I can help create purpose and vision that are both believable and motivating”.

Dan has spent over 25 years working with leadership teams of brands and businesses around the world to define clear organisational visions and strategies to enable them to grow. He is particularly experienced at working with organisations and purpose – from defining and articulating a purpose that the leadership and business can get behind, to helping organisations align their purpose with operations, culture and strategy.

Recent clients include IKEA, Miniclip, SSE, the AA and KPMG. Prior to becoming an independent consultant, Dan founded and ran two strategic brand consultancies, Dave and Calling Brands, as well as being on the Board at The Engine Group, an independent marketing and communications group based in London.

‘I really enjoy getting to the root of a business or organisation, finding out what makes it really tick, and working with those businesses to articulate the vision and purpose in a way that feels right but is expressed in simple and easy to understand language. Only then can it be a powerful tool to effect change inside and outside’.