Chris Adcock

“It is people who make decisions and take actions: unlocking their potential to do those things more effectively, and work with others around them, is the foundation of exceptional business performance”

Chris’s career spans strategy, marketing, leadership, and general management roles within the multinational consumer goods sector as well as retail, healthcare, logistics, defence, technology, and renewable energy. Chris’s involvement in the challenges and opportunities presented in organisations including Unilever, Gillette, EPCglobal, GS1, and the Ecovision Group is blended with his deep understanding of most aspects involved in building sustainable growth businesses across more than sixty countries. His expertise lies in executive coaching, commercial mediation, conflict management, facilitation, and strategy consulting. He has a particular interest in the significance of leadership and intended culture in determining business performance. Chris holds an MBA from Cranfield, is an ICF accredited coach (ACC), and an accredited mediator (CEDR). His personable style, insightful approach, and strategic understanding enable him to be a highly effective catalyst for change.

“My fundamental conviction is that everyone has greater potential than is currently being realised. Unlocking that potential from any individual or team has but one purpose from an organisation’s perspective, and that is to ensure greater and more sustainable success is achieved tomorrow than is already being achieved today. Culture, organisational complexity, strategy, personalities, experiences, and many other factors all play a role in how an individual or a team shows up to face the challenges and opportunities ahead. Executive coaching is incredibly powerful in unlocking that potential to the benefit of the company, the individual, and those they interact with”