What makes a leader successful? Written by Simon Court, Nickie Fonda, Donald Mungall & Geoff Rogers


Almost all businesses are now facing fundamental change but this change has a new dimension. It is no longer enough to tinker with the cost base or update the marketing approach. Businesses are having to deal with much more complex issues like integrating business units to achieve global scale and dominance. These challenges are multi-faceted and require insightful leadership rather than just good management. But what is the difference between leading change and merely managing it?

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Value Partnership’s latest research, Leading Change in Uncertain Times, was carried out by personal interviews with CEOs and senior leaders from 68 organisations, many of them household names, ranging widely in size and sector. This fourth and final article in the series suggests that there are some common elements that are critical to leadership success and sustained business performance.

In particular Value Partnership’s research highlights 5 pre-conditions to change leadership success. Many of these attributes are behavioural and cannot be easily embedded in a set of competencies. They require leaders to model the change they want to see and this takes courage, strength and integrity – it is personal and tough.

We hope this article provides some insight into this challenging role and provides food for thought for those facing it. The first three reports in the series are available to read on our website. If you have any questions or feedback or would like to discuss the issues raised in any of our articles, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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