How Ready is your Organisation? Written by Simon Court


As consultants we are asked more and more “how do we achieve sustainable performance when everything we know is changing around us?” It is a much published view that 60% or more of change initiatives fail (see our previous report) despite huge sums of money and time being spent to make them work. Yet change is a necessary requirement and a critical issue for most companies.

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Value Partnership’s latest research, carried out through personal interviews with CEOs and senior leaders points to six factors that underpin successful change. Together these factors lay the foundations for an agile and adaptable organisation – the key to success in an unpredictable world. Organisations are set up to do what they need to do and in the main they achieve that well, but when what needs doing changes, so the organisation needs to change.  Too much change in a short period is disruptive but if the key factors outlined in this article are in place then the organisation can flex and evolve without the associated disruption and as a result stay ahead of its competition. The goal should be change without trauma and evolutionary competitive advantage over time.

Our report, the third in a series of 4, gives a brief description of these factors with real examples. We also include a simple measurement scale that you may wish to consider your company against. You might be surprised at the results.

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