You can’t outsource strategy

Realise your competitive advantage


We’ll challenge you to understand the playing field, actively shape your strategy and create a unique route map to success.

Your route map to success. Clarity and focus for your business journey.

Defining your business strategy is difficult because the competitive environment is complex, uncertain and dynamic and your strategy needs to be as simple as possible. Experience has shown that it’s all about choosing the area you want to play in, understanding it deeply and then shaping your strategic approach to meet your business goals. Sometimes, it’s a case of choosing what not to do, at others it means a complete re-imagining of the way forward.

At Value Partnership, we’ll challenge you to understand the playing field, actively shape your strategy and create a unique route map to success.

We believe that identifying your competitive advantage as a start point to build your strategy can only come from within. You can’t outsource it, because only you know the right answer. Sometimes it can be hard to know whether you’ve hit on the right answer. So, on the way, we’ll ask questions to help you make the right choices and to help you stress test your approach at every stage to make sure your approach is robust and sustainable.

Creating the route map is a milestone that reflects the choices and approach you’ve defined. It allows you to visualise and engage your team around your strategy. Once you’ve defined your strategy, we can help you refine it and bring it to life by executing it with conviction.

We work with you to…

  • Understand your competitive environment
  • Agree what your strategic challenge is
  • Involve key stakeholders in the strategic process and understand what level of readiness and capability there is for strategic change
  • Collaborate with you to design the intervention
  • Coach and facilitate the strategy team through workshops
  • Ensure the team achieves tangible progress on key requirements
  • Collaborate on strategic governance improvements in the business
  • Coach the team leader and/or team members
  • Imagine relevant scenarios for approaching your strategic challenges
  • Workshops to determine priorities and fundamental choices about what to do and what NOT to do
  • Partnering to create a compelling roadmap
  • Building a robust implementation plan

Our clients say it best...

"Value Partnership have been a fantastic catalyst in driving improved business performance at Miniclip. As a fast-growing entrepreneurial company, in a very dynamic sector, Simon and his team were quickly able to understand the needs of our business. They helped us to develop a practical framework to improve the effectiveness of the management team and to implement positive change throughout the company."

Rob Small, CEO, Miniclip