Walk the talk

Refocus your company culture on what you do, not just what you say


“We’ll challenge you to look your culture in the eye and actively shape it.”

How to behave and treat each other. Words and actions matter.

Many businesses talk about culture as if it is an immovable object, unchanging and immutable. At Value Partnership, we can help you turn it into an unstoppable force. We’ll challenge you to look your culture in the eye and actively shape it. Think about the way people speak and act towards each other and your customers. Are they aligned? Are they consistent?

We believe actions speak loudest, and for us, it’s the key to changing everything.

Refocusing your culture isn’t easy and it takes time. But having the courage to change things will help your organisation grow and prosper.

We also know it’s not a one-time job. We’ll show you how to nurture your culture, spot when things go awry and fix them quickly. Combined with engaging purpose, a strong culture can quickly be turned into the conviction you and your people need to your competitive advantage. Take care to understand the culture people really experience in your organisation rather than the culture you might articulate.

We can help you…

  • Understand the impact culture has on the success of your business, both immediate and longer term
  • Carry out a thorough assessment of the ‘culture in use’ and how this impacts on the business
  • Engage the whole organisation in shaping a culture that will best serve your business
  • Coach leaders to lead change as role models and bring the preferred culture to life
  • Partner with leaders and HR specialists to design and lead cultural transformation
  • Create a cultural measurement system to track progress and course correct

Our clients say it best...

"Value Partnership supported us in finding and establishing our corporate culture. We believe that our culture is the foundation for strong growth in an ever-changing environment. Working with Value Partnership has improved engagement and has taken the productivity and commitment of our team to a whole new level. We look forward to further co-operation with you!"

Thomas Hajek, CEO netinsurer