You can’t do it alone

Coaching leadership teams to the next level

Team Coaching


“The focus is on building underlying trust to lift performance to a new level.”

Like coaching a sports team, leadership teams need individual and team talent to be honed. Our coaches work with the whole leadership team. This gives everyone the opportunity to stretch beyond their current capabilities and to forge a stronger, more powerful team.

As with one-to-one executive coaching, team coaching with Value Partnership will always focus on business results. We know that any changes in the team will change the dynamic, so coaching is especially useful for leadership teams going through transition or change. This can be a result of newly appointed team members or because they face a significant business or organisational challenge.

We help teams see themselves accurately and develop a team mindset, behaviours and disciplines, as well as a shared conviction about what they are trying to achieve. The focus is on building underlying trust to lift their performance to a new level.

Team coaching not only provides an outside-in perspective, it also delivers an inside-out view to help the team to effectively engage with all their key stakeholders. This will help achieve the goals they’ve set for themselves and the wider business.

Our approach

  • Initial meeting with the team leader and other sponsor(s) to understand the start point, agree goals and a plan
  • Team feedback report based on sensing interviews with all team members, carried out by the team coach
  • Flexible use of other team tools e.g. psychometrics
  • Design and delivery of a team off-site workshop
  • Design of a team development action plan
  • Progress review and 1-2-1 coaching with the team leader
  • A further off-site workshop to take stock and accelerate progress
  • A further progress review and option to extend the programme

Our clients say is best...

"Many thanks again for your great and continued support. You helped the team and me tremendously! I was really proud to see what the Executive team has achieved and I am happy to admit that we never would have achieved this without your support and constant hard work on the group!"

Jan Bolz, CEO Tipico 2011-2016