It won’t happen by magic

Transform your business’s prospects

Business Transformation

Every business has to face up to the need for significant change at key moments in its journey. We know from experience what it takes to get this right.

As we’ve said many times before, the competitive environment is complex, uncertain and dynamic. To stay in line with its strategy, every business has to face up to the need for significant change at key moments in its journey. We know from experience what it takes to get this right.

Conviction-led change is our bread and butter. It requires clarity and emotional commitment to a different kind of business or organisation – and the skill and resilience to make those changes happen. We’ll work as your partner to create a unique route map to success.

The conventional approach to transformation used to be programme management. Many advisors still push that approach. The truth is, it works in the right context but it is far from the whole story and can sometimes even be the enemy to progress. Emotional commitment requires engagement. You need internal champions and help to empower them to drive transformation.

On the transformation journey, we’ll ask questions to help you make the right choices, to make sure your approach is both robust and sustainable.

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges in transformation is leadership. People don’t necessarily do what you say. But they do pay attention to your actions and the things you question or reinforce. You cast a shadow and we can help it be the right for your transformation to succeed.

Our approach to help you…

  • Coach the leaders of the transformation
  • Create a vision for the transformation of your business or organisation
  • Start with a realistic view of the current state of play and where opportunities for change truly lie
  • Design the transformation road map that will unleash strategic change
  • Work with leaders and HR specialists to design and lead organisational transformation
  • Develop and implement a smart approach to enlisting change champions and volunteers from across the business
  • Put in place a leadership and people development programme to effect change
  • Create a transformation review process and scorecard to track progress

Our clients say it best...

"We are a small, not for profit organisation with a big ambition – for our members to see GS1 UK as vital to their success. We realised that for us to do this, we need to make significant changes in our organisation and that it had to start with the executive team. We also knew that we need help to guide us through the transformation process, not only because we all had busy day jobs, but we were all too close to the business as it was now. The challenge for any small company is finding expertise that is affordable and (frankly) good enough. We were very fortunate that we found Value Partnership. Their experience and credentials are very impressive of course, but the people that we have worked with for the last year have become truly trusted advisors and coaches for our business. We are now truly on the path towards our ambition, it’s full of bumps and twists, but I know that we can rely on the partnership to help us succeed. "

Gary Lynch, CEO, GS1 UK