Support Function Leadership

Value Partnership works with support function leaders to add greater value to business performance

How we work with you

  • Agreeing what the business priorities for the function are with the client
  • Discovery interviews with key stakeholders inside & outside the function – What is the level of readiness & capability for strategic change? What will unlock progress?
  • Collaborating with the client to design the change intervention(s) e.g. roadmaps and capability building
  • Coaching & facilitating functional leadership teams through highly participative workshop(s)
  • Ensuring functional teams achieve tangible progress on key requirements
  • Individual coaching for team leaders and/or members


Leaders of support functions demonstrate their value to business performance by…

  • Clarity of functional business purpose – Be clear on the core business contribution of the support function (e.g. Finance, HR, IT, Legal, Marketing, Procurement). Staying focussed on this is key
  • Credible ‘outside in’ strategy with strong business sponsorship – Respond to the risks, challenges and opportunities facing the business. Understand both internal and external customer priorities. Use these to engage and align with business sponsors
  • Functional and cross functional leadership team alignment and commitment – Build shared ownership to the strategy and priorities. Act together
  • Roadmaps that deliver key ‘outside in’ strategies for the business  – Maintain a clear line of sight on how to achieve success. Strategy without building the right capability leads to failure
  • Capable and resourceful individuals and teams who deliver value  – Attention must be paid to the balance between operational excellence, business priorities and ‘outside in’ capability
  • Monitoring performance and remaining agile – Successful change is about accelerating the speed of learning – so you can be responsive to business challenges

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