Strategy Leadership

Value Partnership works with business leadership teams to develop and deliver compelling strategies

How we work with you

  • Agreeing what the business strategy challenge is with the client
  • Discovery interviews with key stakeholders in the strategy process – What is the level of readiness and capability for strategic change? What will unlock progress?
  • Collaborating with the client to design the intervention
  • Coaching and facilitating the strategy team through workshops
  • Ensuring the team achieves tangible progress on key requirements e.g. prioritisation
  • Collaborating on strategic governance improvements in the business
  • Individual coaching for the team leader and/or members


Business leadership teams that achieve strategy success demonstrate…

  • Leadership team alignment & commitment – The leadership team must ‘own’ the strategy. Lack of genuine agreement on direction kills momentum
  • Sound assessment of risks & opportunities – Relevant market and organisational insights are crystallised. Weak analysis exposes you to unnecessary risk
  • Space to think about the future – Time aside from the day-to-day creates a better future. Over-reliance on frameworks and box-ticking stifles creativity
  • Clear choices made, priorities set – Trust, constructive conflict and ultimately, tough choices need to be made as a team. Too many priorities means no priorities at all
  • A pathway that is clear – Clear line of sight on how you will achieve strategic success. Strategy without building the right capability leads to failure
  • Strategy happening ‘on the ground’ – The ultimate test of any strategy; it delivers real results. Great thinking followed by inaction delivers nothing

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