Developing Leadership Teams

Value Partnership collaborates with leadership teams to build high levels of trust and performance

How we work with you

  • Agreeing with the team leader what success would look like
  • Discovery interviews with team members to explore barriers & enablers to high performance
  • Use of diagnostic tools (individual and/or team) where relevant
  • Collaborating with the team leader to design the team interventions
  • Coaching & facilitating the team through workshops
  • Ensuring the team achieves tangible progress on key requirements e.g. shared purpose
  • Regular progress tracking
  • Individual coaching for the team leader and/or members


Leadership teams that work effectively must achieve…

  • Team leader accountability for the performance of the team –Lack of genuine leader accountability leads to low standards in the team
  • Trust & empathy in the team –Lack of trust means genuine debate about the real issues will not happen
  • Clear shared purpose –The team is only a team when it knows what it wants to achieve for business success
  • Outside-in working –It is a fatal error to ignore external stakeholders and only focus on internal struggles and interests
  • Appropriate diversity of membership –Lack of cognitive diversity increases the risk of inappropriate goals, and counter-productive methods to achieve them
  • Team mind-set, behaviours and essential disciplines –Without these foundations, the impact of team building is short lived
  • Agility –In a dynamic context, constant attention to team performance is essential

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