The ‘VP Way’

“I’ve come back to Value Partnership time and again over the years, not because I’ve needed them to do the same thing – rather because I can rely on them not to do the same thing. I know they will listen to me intently and properly understand my challenge and I trust them to come up with the right solution or advice each time.” Andy Hedge, Xchanging Plc

Our team is characterised by a number of common qualities, including:

  • The ability to get under the skin of our clients’ businesses, and to the heart of their challenges
  • The willingness to go the extra mile to ensure the success of a project giving generously of our time, our abilities and our experience
  • The conviction that the most effective and lasting solutions are delivered by working closely, collaboratively and accountably with our clients; acting as true partners rather than just consultants


Key elements of the VP Way


  • Our practice is based on delivering defined business outcomes by building trusting long term relationships with our clients, who are leaders and leadership teams – we do not accept assignments that are unlikely to deliver the business outcomes required
  • We start by developing clarity about the strategic and performance challenges our clients and their teams are facing, and where the capability gaps lie – the organisation critical challenge
  • We use our skills and experience to diagnose the real issues that need attention in order to tackle the organisation critical challenge effectively – and reach a shared view with the client before any further intervention
  • We are client oriented rather than self oriented; our focus is on achieving success for our clients through true partnership. We bring who we are to what we do; we share ideas, experiences and intuitions, we actively monitor clients’ progress. We take our business seriously but don’t take ourselves too seriously
  • We challenge and support clients; difficult conversations do not phase us
  • We help our clients to address their organisation critical challenges effectively by listening, offering insights & unlocking potential. Where appropriate, we share our deep experience, both from consulting and leadership roles
  • We ask ‘what will really work in this context?’ We approach each assignment on the basis that every organisation critical challenge requires in-depth, unique understanding. We do not attempt to shoe-horn an approach; we ensure that outcomes drive the process and not visa versa
  • We enable the client to be sustainably successful by building their capabilities and that of their organisation. Together we create a definition of success and deliver an effective solution that is achievable and impactful


With expert guidance, you will emerge a more confident, stronger business.

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