Navigating your Business Journey: Unlocking Growth and Scale.


Scaling isn’t just about getting bigger. It is also about getting better.

In the course of our research in 2017-18, we want to explore the reality of how organisations change as they move from start-up to maturity and identify where there are commonalities in the challenges leaders face.  We want to identify the stalling and tipping points as well as clear steps in the scaling journey where specific leadership and culture plans can enhance an organisation performance and aid rapid but sustainable growth. There is significant research in this space but we hope to be the first to focus specifically on the challenges and opportunities from a leadership and culture perspective.

Through an online survey and face-to-face interviews with a range of business leaders from across a mix of growth stages and industries, early indications from our research show that:

Talent management is the most frequently mentioned challenge facing companies as they scale and grow

Leaders feel they need to be spending more time working on the business than in it – focusing on the future

More than half the leaders surveyed do not feel their organisational cultures support their growth agendas

Building leadership capability is seen as critical to successfully delivering their organisation’s growth ambition.

We believe that great leadership and the right culture are defining factors in the success of companies scaling and growing rapidly and our research this year is to explore the areas that will enable growing companies to scale faster and deliver sustained performance.

We were pleased to unveil the initial findings at our event on December 1st, but we will continue to explore the challenges that companies face as they grow and scale, so if you are in a leadership role, we would love to hear from you or any members of your Executive team or contacts from your network you think we should speak to.

Please complete this short online survey: all you need to access the survey is the authorisation code – dq94.   Once you have completed the survey, if you can also spare us 60 minutes of your time, we would love to have a face to face, telephone or virtual meeting to explore the subject in more depth.

By way of our thanks for your contribution, you will be among the first to receive a copy of the published research paper, due out early 2018.

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