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Research Archive

From Finance Policy Owner to Business Partner and Player (2008)

For most Finance functions the transition from a supply driven policy focus to a business performance focus is an evolutionary rather than revolutionary path.

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Top Team Development – For What Business Purpose

Successful strategy development for top teams is about making tough choices about where to invest limited financial, leadership and organisational resources and taking action through a shared implementation plan.

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Leading in the Age of Austerity (2009)

The global financial crisis is not just a quick passing phase, after which it’s back to business as usual. Instead, we’re into change that’s much more fundamental, perhaps even a “paradigm shift”. By Value Partnership Director, Nickie Fonda, this article was published in finance journal ‘Accountancy Ireland’.

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Business Partnering – New contribution or change of name? (Sept 2011)

For many, the job title has changed, but the functional mindset has not. But business partnering is not a role; it is a way of working based on shared ownership of an organisation’s challenges. Article written by Simon Court.

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A Tipping Point in the Global Economy? (2010)

This recession has clearly accelerated the approach of a “Tipping Point in the Global Economy” and the relative political power of the players – some might conclude it has already passed? By Geoff Rogers.

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Leading in Uncharted Territory – A clear line of sight (2010)

Based on our 2010 workshop of the same name, Geoff Rogers’ report looks at the global economic shocks of the last 2 years as we continue to create tidal waves on the shores of the world’s economies.

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