Are you ready for the challenge? Written by Clare Wilson


We need to change just to stay in the game.

How many CEOs and directors have said or thought this in the last few years, possibly even yourself? Yet now, with the European economy stuttering and embroiled in financial crisis, it is more than ever true. Sovereign state money is coming in search of relatively cheap assets, while exporting, thanks to exchange differentials, is harder than ever. Shareholders are demanding a better, faster growth strategy and yet CEOs, who have to lead this, are under pressure from increasingly short term expectations of financial results. But it is they who must provide the inspiration and vision to move their company forward. Add to this the change initiative overload that most senior leaders suffer, and you have the original immovable object and the irresistible force.

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Value Partnership’s latest research, carried out by personal interviews with CEOs and senior leaders, highlights the problems companies are facing. A substantial majority, 82%, said they faced “critical challenges” but only 52% believed they had the capabilities to respond effectively. Not, dare we suggest, a recipe for success.

This research, “Leading Change in Uncertain Times”, points to some of the underlying factors that affect a company’s ability to achieve successful change, and the critical contributions leaders must make. Many of these factors are hidden deep in the company’s management processes and culture, and the individual motivation and behaviours of the senior leadership team. They are hard to get at and even harder to shift. But identifying them clearly gives you a head start.

Our report may confirm everything you already know, or it may offer a small window into the future. Either way, we’d value your feedback and would welcome the opportunity to discuss the challenges with you if you’d like to get in touch.

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