Leading Change In Uncertain Times: Complete research series (2012-13)


In 2012-13, we carried out extensive research, using personal interviews with CEOs and senior leaders in 68 organisations, many of them household names, ranging widely in size and sector.

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Our research uncovered that:-

  • Almost all senior leaders described their organisation as facing “critical challenges” but only 52% believe their business has the right skills and capabilities to lead change effectively
  • 90% of organisations lack a shared and compelling agenda for change
  • 82% of CEOs and Directors believe that change leadership is a critical challenge for their business.
  • We identify the six factors that lay the foundations for an agile and adaptable organisation and underpin successful change.
  • Finally, we suggest that there are some common elements that are critical to leadership success and sustained business performance, and we highlight 5 pre-conditions to change leadership success.

Our research may confirm everything you already know, or it may offer some insights into how you can enable your organisation to succeed in uncertain times. Either way, we’d value your feedback and would welcome the opportunity to discuss the challenges with you if you’d like to get in touch.

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