8 Leadership Team Foundations to Thrive in Today’s Dynamic World (2014-15) Written by Ian Pringle & Simon Court


Our latest research reveals the key challenges of leadership teams faced with the pace and unpredictability of change and the impact this is having on strategy execution and business performance.

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In our new report ‘8 Leadership Team Foundations to Thrive in Today’s Dynamic World’ we set out the foundations we believe are required to provide organisational leadership that effectively sustains business competitiveness.

Using personal interviews with CEOs and senior leaders from organisations including Time Inc, Allianz, GlaxoSmithKline, Canon and Lafarge, our research uncovered that:

  • 77% of senior managers are not confident that there is a leadership team in place and/or working effectively to deliver strategic change.
  • 85% of senior managers are not confident that they are executing strategy effectively.

    Simon Court, Founder and CEO explains: ‘In our work with a wide range of clients, across industries and borders, we see the unpredictability of the business context and while our research has found that senior managers are generally confident in their strategic plans, it matters little if they cannot execute them.The 8 Leadership Team Foundations we refer to within the report include investors who share the leadership team’s commitment to sustained performance, appropriate diversity in the leadership team, constructive conflict, and ‘outside-in’ working, a focus on the changing picture outside the immediate environment of the firm – the changing tastes or interests of customers, the competitive landscape, or the dynamics of financial markets.’

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