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Founder & CEO

Simon Court is the founder and CEO of Value Partnership. He works as an adviser and guide with individual senior leaders, boards and executive teams. The challenges he works on include new growth strategies, changing business models, developing organisational agility and building new leadership capabilities. Simon challenges and supports Chief Executives and their teams to understand and address these challenges effectively. He works across sectors including entertainment, publishing, consumer products, technology, gaming, financial services and venture capital. His experience covers  private equity and private and publically owned companies.

Simon’s consulting experience spans over 20 years and a wide variety of industries & cultures. He worked for two years in Milan, as well as in many European countries, the Middle East, South East Asia and North America. Simon has an extensive industry background, primarily in the telecommunications, security and building materials sectors. He was previously HR Director for Ericsson UK. He has an MBA from Warwick Business School and an MSc from Imperial College.

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