Our Team

We’re not just consultants. We’re partners.

We’re all senior, highly experienced people, with a depth of both industry and consultancy experience but what really sets us apart is the way we work.

We are neither arms-length advisors nor embedded implementers. Instead we’re expert guides, helping clients identify and implement the best route forward, standing beside them every step of the journey, and doing whatever it takes to enable them to attain their goals more successfully than they thought possible.

Simon Court Founder & CEO

Bruce Slatton Director

Marisa Knowles Director

Katrin Homer Director

Jane Court Business Director

Geoff Rogers Chairman

David Shaw Director

Ian Pringle Director

Karen Lewis Executive Assistant

Tina Elstone Finance Manager

Sophie Astin Marketing Executive

Jane Mellor Executive Assistant

Kate Durand Executive Assistant

Sarah Cooney Consultant

Suzanne Pollack Consultant

Nicky Burton Consultant

Robyn McLelland Consultant

Lynn Lilley Consultant

Laure Fau Consultant

Lukas Neckermann Consultant

Chris Adcock Consultant

Ana Oliveira Pinto Consultant

Sonja Noethen Consultant

We are clear-sighted, able to get quickly under the skin of an organisation, and to the real heart of our clients’ challenges. We bring clarity to complex issues, with the insights and experience necessary to address the problem or opportunity constructively and accurately, and to deliver effectively against it.

  • We are generous with our time and our effort. We’re committed to a successful outcome, and give of ourselves and our expertise accordingly. We’re inclusive in our work and accountable for its outcome.
  • We are true partners. We seek authentic, strong, lasting relationships. We’re committed to helping clients meet and exceed their expectations whether as individuals, teams or businesses. And while supporting sometimes means challenging and pushing back, we’re there in bad times as well as good.