Navigating your Business Journey: Unlocking Growth and Scale1st Dec 2017

At this FREE event held at the fabulous wallacespace in Clerkenwell Green, we shared insights from our research into the challenges faced by businesses as they strive to scale and grow. It was a fantastic opportunity to network with other business leaders facing similar challenges.

We were delighted to be hosting this event with our partners, Culture Amp.

We’ve had a huge response from businesses from across a mix of growth stages and industries, here in the UK and further afield – and early indications from our research show that:

  • Talent management is the most frequently mentioned challenge facing companies as they scale and grow
  • Leaders feel they need to be spending more time working on the business than in it – focusing on the future
  • More than half the leaders surveyed do not feel their organisational cultures support their growth agendas
  • Building leadership capability is seen as critical to successfully delivering their organisation’s growth ambition.



Agenda & Speakers




“The event provided a thought provoking introduction, a practical business example, case study in table groups and some networking including the excellent lunch.“

“The opportunity to discuss real issues with other professionals.“

“What I learnt from the participants is better than any leadership course that I have attended.“

“Hearing about the challenges faced by other companies helped me realise that my company is not alone in this area.”

“This event allowed me to think about the bigger picture and see the world not just through my own business’s perspective.”