Culture: A competitive edge in a commoditised world30th Sep 2016

A brand is a promise to your customer, culture is how you deliver on it. We know culture can be hard to talk about, to measure and to transform, but we also know it’s pivotal to success. And as we search for a competitive edge it might well be the missing part of your growth strategy or transformation agenda. Like it or not, it’s there and impacting on your success for better or for worse; far better to take a proactive approach to ensure it makes a positive difference.


Perhaps you are a young, growing company reckoning with the challenge of how to scale up your business. If so, it may be becoming clear to you that the patterns of thinking and behaviour of both you and your team are having a big impact on your growth and profitability. Or maybe you are a mature business, profitable but looking for speed and innovation to unlock growth. And you know that the patterns of thinking and behaviour all around you are sometimes holding you back.

Whatever your business situation, the challenge remains the same: how can we make a difference in this arena, one that will really provide that competitive edge?

Both Value Partnership and Culture Amp believe that to be successful, organisations need to put culture first. We also have first-hand experience of collaborating, using Culture Amp’s survey tool and Value Partnership’s expert guidance to enable clients to make a difference to the performance and growth of their business.

At this invitation-only event, Culture Amp CEO and founder, Didier Elzinga and Value Partnership CEO and founder, Simon Court, will share their experiences of how you can intervene successfully to define, measure and transform the culture of your business.

Agenda & Speakers


“The event provided a thought provoking introduction, a practical business example, case study in table groups and some networking including the excellent lunch.“

“The opportunity to discuss real issues with other professionals.“

“What I learnt from the participants is better than any leadership course that I have attended.“

“Hearing about the challenges faced by other companies helped me realise that my company is not alone in this area.”

“This event allowed me to think about the bigger picture and see the world not just through my own business’s perspective.”