Coaching Leaders

Coaching improves the resourcefulness, motivation and performance of the coachee and as a result the motivation and performance of the team they lead.


We enable coachees to tap into their own resources and creativity and draw their own conclusions about what is happening and what is needed. Many leaders benefit considerably from one to one coaching if they:

  • Are facing an important management, organisational or business challenge.
  • Wish to further develop a specific skill or behaviour such as making better and faster decisions, building a truly productive team or having greater influence and impact.
  • Are newly appointed to a new role or position. In their transition they might face the challenges of integrating into a new organisation, building a team, aligning a strategy, structure, systems, skills and culture, creating coalitions and a network whilst keeping a sense of personal balance.

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Our Goal

Our primary goal is to enable leaders to contribute more value to their organisation and lift their performance to a whole new level. Achievement of organisational outcomes and business results are the main criteria of success.

"I have developed the fire back in my belly which I’d lost for the last 5 months. It feels fantastic! The one-to-one coaching sessions for me were profound." Coachee

Our coaching process

  1. We take time to match the right coach to each coachee. Before we embark on a coaching programme we have a pre-meeting or call with the coachee to check that the chemistry works.
  2. In our first coaching meeting we will discuss and agree the outcomes that will indicate success. We consider the coachee’s personal leadership goals and the business/organisational measures/outcomes.
  3. The coach then meets with the coachee for a series of coaching sessions that are client-led, consultant-supported with a focus on actions to make a difference. This bias for action is an important principle in our coaching practice.
  4. At the final coaching session we have a stock-take and review progress against objectives.

VP in brief

Value Partnership exists to help clients solve organisation critical challenges.

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