A range of clients with whom we are proud to partner, together with some of their testimonials

What our clients say

Miniclip: How Value Partnership helped this agile organisation to pivot and grow.

"I am again very thankful for the DYLI ('Developing your Leadership Impact') training. It really helped a lot to gain in self confidence and maturity. So you contributed to this professional promotion!" Pauline Stephan, Marketing Director, Groupe SEB (UAE)
"It's been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to the butterfly that will emerge from this cocoon once the transformation is complete!" Martin Falkenberg, Vice President Human Resources, Groupe SEB (North America)
"Value Partnership have a tailored approach: of listening and challenging – based on intellect, teaching, experience and research. You will find a rigorous approach and practical application, not text book." Massimo Macarti, Chief of HR, Canon
"I have worked with Clare both as an executive coaching client, and as part of a leadership team navigating their way through change. Clare combines challenge with support very effectively, helping teams and individuals to recognise the real issues that need to be addressed. In particular, Clare makes very effective use of management theory and models to create insight, followed by discussion about how to deal with issues in the specific organisational context, and planning practical ways to address them." Rebecca Berry, HRD, Lloyd’s Register

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Value Partnership exists to help clients solve organisation critical challenges.

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