Business leader transitioning into a new role


An experienced business leader from a global company appointed to a bigger leadership role engaged a Value Partnership coach to support her key transition.

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With the support of her coach the leader built a plan to ensure her transition into her new role was a success. She mapped the new stakeholders she needed to build effective relationships with. This included new peers, a new boss, new direct reports, counter parts across the globe and her wider team. She scheduled a plan to build her understanding of her function, spread across multiple sites, to ensure she had clarity about their challenges, opportunities and capabilities.

Throughout the coaching the leader become clearer on key questions such as what exactly is my job? What should my focus be? Does my function need to turnaround, be strengthened or realigned etc? What are my team’s capabilities and strengths? What should my priorities be for the short, medium and long term?

The leader found she had a huge amount of data to absorb and make sense of, decisions to be made and the monthly coaching sessions enabled her to take stock and reflect. As a result she developed an effective relationship with her new boss, a clear strategic intent, a strong leadership team, a supportive network, established some clear priorities, got to know new customers and finally – and perhaps most importantly – applied some patience and a realistic expectation that full mastery of a new leadership role doesn’t happen in a month.

At the final coaching session, the leader reflected that, had she not had coaching she might have neglected key aspects of her transition, such as building a supportive network. She would have risked early burn out. She also concluded that the skills and strategies that had enabled her to be successful thus far in her career would not enable success for this bigger role. Having time with a coach, who challenged and supported her to see this, was critical.

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