Business leader developing new skills and behaviours to deliver results


A business leader in a large global business hired a Value Partnership coach to assist him to develop key skills critical for his personal and business success.

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The leader’s drive and ability to deliver complex projects in a growing global market were exemplary. His challenge lay in being able to adapt his communication style for the range of cultures he interacted with. He needed to build coalitions and effective relationships with leaders and customers globally and his style and approach wasn’t getting the results he needed. In addition, his influencing style wasn’t creating buy-in or followers. The leader, with the coach’s support, sought feedback from key stakeholders which provided insights about his impact on others. This enabled the leader to develop and demonstrate different behaviours. Over time the leader received feedback that they were now demonstrating empathy, actively listening, building rapport and influencing more skillfully and flexibly adapting their approach to their audience. Developing and demonstrating this leader’s emotional intelligence transformed the impact he had on colleagues and customers.

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