It’s a dynamic world. Organisations can’t stand still. Leadership has never been more challenging. Written by Simon Court

19th December 2016

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When we added that phrase to our new website a year ago, little did we imagine how the world would look by the end of 2016. Brexit and the US presidential election have contributed to an uncertain political and business landscape and during this period of disruption and speculation, leaders are required to adapt quickly to business challenges, to be resourceful and prepared to develop and implement strategies faster than ever.

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As part of our new series of short films showcasing what it’s really like working with us, one client shared his story about how his business has adapted in response to the changing landscape to achieve significant growth. and it’s these themes of agility and resilience that will provide the focus for one of our events next year. You can watch the video here, and if you’d like to receive news of our upcoming events or just want to get in touch, feel free to sign up to the website or follow us on Twitter.

Value Partnership has also enjoyed continued growth this year and we look forward to welcoming a new Chairman and non-Executive Director as well as additions to our associate consultancy and support teams. You can find profiles for all the team on our website.

Finally, this year we have chosen to support children’s charity, Barnardo’s, who took care of my late father until he was adopted at the age of seven. He went on to become a Commander in the Royal Navy, a Head Teacher and Charity Leader – but it was Barnardo’s that rescued him and gave him that essential start in life. I will be running my first full marathon in London in April to raise further money for this fantastic charity in memory of Dad – if you would like to contribute, it would be most welcome!

With all good wishes for a wonderful Christmas season and a healthy and prosperous year ahead, from all of the team at Value Partnership.

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