Discover How The GC Index® Helped Talent Accelerate at Tipico Group – And How It Could Make Business Impact at Your Organisation

9th October 2017

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Have you heard of the GameChanger Index? Two British psychologists (Professor Adrian Furnham and Dr John Mervyn-Smith) became fascinated by game changers in a world where the rate of change has increased, competition is more intense and organisations are looking for people who can anticipate some of these changes and adapt very fast to them.

It turns out that game changers are rarely effective on their own and need to be part of teams of individuals who have strengths in different areas. Five different profiles in The GC Index® help people understand their proclivities.

Value Partnership used the tool with one of our clients, Tipico Group, to help identify their most talented individuals so that the leadership team could support, challenge and nurture them in a talent development program.

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Why did we use The GC Index® at Tipico?

At Value Partnership, we like the tool for several reasons:

  1. It helps organisations identify game changers and at the same time it recognises that game changers are rarely effective in isolation – they need other players for game-changing teams and organisations to be impactful
  2. It provides organisations with an organometric (rather than a psychometric) tool, a common language and a framework that they can use to assess whether they’ve got the right people in the right roles and teams
  3. Organisations can use the tool for talent assessment and development as well as individual, team and organisational development.
  4. Last but not least, it helps individuals build stronger self-awareness as well as better understanding of their colleagues. For any of us, it’s powerful to know how we can make an impact and understand the strengths we bring into an organisation.

Part of Tipico’s talent program’s objectives were to grow self-insight as a foundation for the participants’ personal development plan, to help individuals contribute beyond the boundaries of their current role and to support them to identify and develop their potential for future roles.

As The GC Index® could help participants move forward with all these objectives, we decided to use the profiling tool in their talent workshop.

How did we use it at Tipico?

As part of the pre-work, the talent pool was asked to fill out The GC Index® questionnaire. At the workshop, we spent some time giving the cohorts background info on the tool and going through its five different profile roles, set out below.

  • Game Changers – individuals who see ways of doing things that others don’t
  • Strategists – individuals who lead with ideas and innovative approaches to doing things
  • Implementers – individuals who get things done and make things happen
  • Polishers – individuals who ensure that things get done in the best possible way
  • Play Makers – individuals who enable the whole to be greater than the sum of its parts.Then the talent program participants explored their own profiles. Here is one of their actual profiles.  So what does it mean?

What did the participant learn from this profile?

This is a profile of a strong Play Maker (9). Play Makers are at their very best when they deliver effectively through others, bringing focus and direction to activity. They are coordinators and orchestrators of action. Their Game Changer score (6) suggests that they will be open to, and engaged by, new ideas and possibilities. They are likely to enjoy being creative and a part of ‘leading edge’ projects. As a Play Maker they will look for, and facilitate, creativity in others.

Their score for the role of Polisher (7) suggests that they will set high standards for themselves and others when it comes to delivery. Some will see them as critical or demanding in this regard. Their Strategist score (6) means that they will be at their best when facilitating action and change that sits within a clear strategic context although they may not want to be overly constrained by strategy.

Finally, their Implementer score (5), suggests that they will not readily be drawn into task delivery. It is the balance of their scores that reinforces their Play Maker inclination. Their profile reflects an inclination to get things done effectively through others.

How did the results help to increase self-awareness and develop?

This person wasn’t surprised to see these results at all, in fact their comment straight afterwards was: ‘I got some new insights and can see myself totally in the analysis of The GC Index®’.

Interestingly from a coaching point of view, later on in the program during inter-workshop activities, this person said how The GC Index® results had helped them reflect more on their fit within their current job role.

Even though this person was part of a team, they realised that most of the time they were working on their own. They said how The GC Index® result re-confirmed how much they preferred working with and through others and how the result helped them to take proactive steps in finding a solution to this challenge.

As their consultant and coach I found this hugely positive to hear. It was almost as if a written confirmation of their preferences had given them permission to follow a path that was much better suited to their strengths.

What’s the impact The GC Index® has had on other participants?

Here is a comment we had from another participant: ‘I very much enjoyed the experience with The GC Index®, it was very interesting to find out about my natural inclinations in my current role. The results made me reflect on how I can use my strengths better, on how I could develop other areas where I’m not so strong.It has also made me ask if there are any constraints in my current role where I cannot use some of my natural inclinations. It was very useful to discuss it with my colleagues as well, we looked together at our results and exchanged our views on each other’s profiles.’

Another delegate who is a team leader found The GC Index® very helpful in order to consider their team members’ preferences and natural strengths. It made them think not only about the individuals within their team but also whether the overall team composition was best suited to the business demands the team was facing.

What were the lessons as a leadership team?

After the participants had received feedback on their individual reports, we were able to give them some insight on how The GC Index® could be used at a team level.

We’d taken the highest scores of each participant and worked out the percentages of the five profiles in this group. We asked the group: If you worked as a team, what would be your strengths? And what would this team need to pay attention to in order to be even more successful?

The GC Index® calls this team profile an ‘inventive’ leadership team.

What would make this team successful?

Coming up with radical new ideas (Game Changer 21.5%)

Delivering its services with a rigorous and relentless attention to detail(Polisher 36%)

Creating a culture of learning and shared endeavour (Play Maker 21.5%)

Being ‘fast on its feet’ (Strategist 7%)

What would they need to manage?

Being overly perfectionist; over-delivering in areas that they don’t need to (high Polisher score)

Running the risk of competition taking market share with a more strategic, long-term focus (low Strategist score)

Risking that the pursuit of change undermines a need to consolidate (high Game Changer score)Being able to see the results for the group gave the workshop participants a whole new level of insights. Throughout the two-day workshop, we heard participants make reference to their scores. They remarked on the radical new ideas Game Changers in the group were coming up with, they could see Polishers striving for excellence in their workshop presentations and they experienced Play Makers investing in new relationships in the talent group. What connected them all was a new common language and framework which we’re planning to build on in our future work at Tipico Group.

If you’ve enjoyed reading about our work with The GC Index® and would like to learn more about the tool and us, please do get in touch.

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