"I'm happy to recommend Marisa from Value Partnership to other groups and to work with her again. Marisa was a keen listener, very flexible and particularly adept at honing in on the key things people were saying (or not saying!) and aligning those with our goals. I especially appreciated her readiness to go the extra mile to ensure that we got what we needed out of our sessions." Eric James, Director, Field Ready
"Value Partnership designed and delivered the People Enablement Program for Celesio. This development program designed for project teams across 7 countries focused on equipping us with the skills to execute a major change program that fundamentally changes the way we do business in our company. The program was interactive, participative and we had the opportunity to work on our real business challenges, enabling us to feel more resourceful, resilient and equipped to make progress. Over the course of the 3 modules I learnt a lot about leading change, building sponsorship, working across cultures, how to influence others more effectively and the importance of building long term trusting partnerships. We built relationships, extended our network and became a community collaborating across boundaries for the first time in our companies history.

Our Value Partnership consultants shared their extensive experience and expertise and created an open trusting environment. They worked flexibly to respond to our challenges, using humour and empathy. There was a great balance between theory and practise. Many of the models are now part of my personal tool kit. At every module we took stock using a helpful tool to assess the progress and this feedback was shared with key leaders and sponsors to enable them to play their part as leaders of the program. " Ildiko By, Head of Group Financial Processes, Celesio
"I had never suspected what a journey Clare’s coaching would take me on. Not only did she open up my eyes to my shortcoming, but also helped me to formulate a plan for me to become a far better version of myself. After taking on this professional journey with her, I’m more balanced, collected, better performing individual who’s not only ready and able, but excited to take the next steps in his career.

My personal life has also benefited, due to how balanced I’ve become much more caring, loving husband and a father who puts the family needs ahead of his own. I can’t thank Clare enough for her advice, reading tips, leadership coaching and her invaluable insights through the coaching process.

For this I will be ever grateful to her. " Adolf Kristjansson, Head of IPO Digital Publishing, Electronic Arts
"We are a small, not for profit organisation with a big ambition – for our members to see GS1 UK as vital to their success. We realised that for us to do this, we need to make significant changes in our organisation and that it had to start with the executive team. We also knew that we need help to guide us through the transformation process, not only because we all had busy day jobs, but we were all too close to the business as it was now. The challenge for any small company is finding expertise that is affordable and (frankly) good enough. We were very fortunate that we found Value Partnership. Their experience and credentials are very impressive of course, but the people that we have worked with for the last year have become truly trusted advisors and coaches for our business. We are now truly on the path towards our ambition, it’s full of bumps and twists, but I know that we can rely on the partnership to help us succeed. " Gary Lynch, CEO, GS1 UK
"Value Partnership’s work with I CAN was exceptional. They grasped I CAN’s purpose and values quickly and intelligently and worked effectively and sensitively with the organisation to make significant change. I CAN had set up a social enterprise business to develop a sustainable income source; Value Partnership worked with the CEO and her team to get the new business model functioning smoothly and embed it in I CAN’s charitable culture, to develop new ways of measuring and tracking results and to develop the team skills for the new business to flourish. The Value Partnership team’s generosity, wholehearted commitment and integrity was a pleasure to witness and vital to the Leadership Team’s growth in skills and confidence." Susan Hitch, Manager of Lord Sainsbury of Turville’s pro bono activities

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"Simon has been my coach in the past and I continue to use him for coaching my direct reports. He is a great professional and a great friend and partner. He has extensive experience coaching executives in EA, and understands our business very well. His results with me and my team has been nothing less than phenomenal." Jaime Giné, VP - International Development Services, Electronic Arts
"Thanks so much for today – brilliantly facilitated! Everyone got so much out of the session in terms of exploring different issues, understanding a new way of doing this, and also enabling a wider understanding of some of our key programmes and work. All round jolly good!" Mary Hartshorne, Director of Outcomes and Information, I CAN