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A range of clients with whom we are proud to partner, together with their testimonials below.

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“Value Partnership’s approach is distinctly different from most consultancies, concentrating on really getting to the bottom of working relationships to build strong and effective teamwork. They have made a big difference to our productivity, effectiveness and harmony.”

Virginia Beardshaw, CEO, I Can

“Value Partnership have been a fantastic catalyst in driving improved business performance at Miniclip. As a fast growing entrepreneurial company, in a very dynamic sector, Simon and his team were quickly able to understand the needs of our business. They helped us to develop a practical framework to improve the effectiveness of the management team and to implement positive change throughout the company.”

Rob Small, CEO, Miniclip

“Value Partnership have a tailored approach: of listening and challenging – based on intellect, teaching, experience and research. You will find a rigorous approach and practical application, not text book.”

Massimo Macarti, Chief of HR, Canon Europe

“What is exciting about Value Partnership is their understanding of the business. It is all about the quality of the individual consultants and a great combination of different styles. Their personal style builds trust. Put simply, a very happy customer.”

Martyn Hindley, Chief Financial Officer, Emap Ltd

“Acision has worked closely with Value Partnership for over two years using its expertise to develop the leadership community of our organisation. We chose to work with Value Partnership because of its ability to understand our organisation, as well as capability to deliver tailored solutions which meet Acision’s specific requirements. Throughout our relationship, not only has Value Partnership demonstrated strong organisational expertise but most importantly its experienced consultants have always maintained a high level of professionalism and competence providing credible advice to our leadership team. This combination of factors along with Value Partnership’s own ethos, to help organisations solve critical challenges, has assisted Acision in its quest to evolve and grow and resulted in Value Partnership being viewed as a trusted business partner.”

Rory Buckley, Chief Executive, Acision

“What was best about VP was their openness, listening to client concerns and needs and a willingness to be flexible at short notice. I believed that there was a good balance of objective professional skills, shown by the structured approach to the project, with an empathetic comfortable relationship.”

Andrea Benincasa, Group VP Senior HR & Organisation, Monier Group GmbH

“Value Partnership know what they are talking about and are approachable and present potentially technical matters in an understandable way. They are very focused on and have a good read of people.”

Tina Bussone, Executive VP & Head of HR and Operations, LECG

“Value Partnership truly live up to their name in EA. They play a vital partnership role and do invaluable work with some of senior teams where they have been a trusted advisor along the path of gaining clarity on where the team wants to go, where they are now and how they will get there. A perfect blend of theory, practical application and logical implementation. A complement to their expertise is that we also asked them to lead a workshop with the European HR team on Business Partnership.”

Hilda Barrett, Senior HR Director, Electronic Arts

“Please let me thank you for your very valuable contribution to our Team Retreat. It has been extremely professional and, what is no less important, you have managed to create a very nice personal relation with each of us – and with all of us, hence allowing for the best possible atmosphere. I would seek your advice on the follow-up (short term and middle term).”

Alex de Valukhoff, General Manager, Lafarge

“You have been inspirational and motivational and sometimes made me recognise things I didn’t want to – but have mainly helped me recognise that the possibilities were endless and the only limitations in life were me. You have certainly helped me to recognise and drive my goals, both personal and professional. The opportunities are unlimited and I am excited to explore them.”

Joanne Jakobi, Strategic Asset Manager, Future Electronics

Value Partnership

Value Partnership