A range of clients with whom we are proud to partner, together with some of their testimonials

What our clients say

"It's been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to the butterfly that will emerge from this cocoon once the transformation is complete!" Martin Falkenberg, Vice President Human Resources, Groupe SEB (North America)
"Value Partnership have been a fantastic catalyst in driving improved business performance at Miniclip. As a fast growing entrepreneurial company, in a very dynamic sector, Simon and his team were quickly able to understand the needs of our business. They helped us to develop a practical framework to improve the effectiveness of the management team and to implement positive change throughout the company." Rob Small, CEO, Miniclip
"I’ve come back to Value Partnership time and again over the years, not because I’ve needed them to do the same thing – rather because I can rely on them not to do the same thing. I know they will listen to me intently and properly understand my challenge and I trust them to come up with the right solution or advice each time." Andy Hedge, Global Head of Learning and Development, Xchanging
"What was best about Value Partnership was their openness, listening to client concerns and needs and a willingness to be flexible at short notice. I believed that there was a good balance of objective professional skills, shown by the structured approach to the project, with an empathetic comfortable relationship. " Andrea Benincasa, Group VP Senior HR & Organisation, Monier

VP in brief

Value Partnership exists to help clients solve organisation critical challenges.

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